High Performance After Burnout

Fix the stress before the damage is done.

Robert Denton says,

"Your world, - the world of technology is changing so fast that thinking and performing with the conscious mind can no longer cope with the pressure without inevitable growing stress, overwhelming stress and burnout.

What was right dependable and valid yesterday may not be so today and certainly not tomorrow. These rapid and constant changes are very often what causes you to make mistakes. As you know more mistakes are the cause of more stress.

The result is ever mounting stress, overwhelming stress and burnout.

"High Performance after Burnout explains how you can help yourself slow down or stop the stress induced cortisol that does so much damage to your brain and body muscle tissue.

After more than twenty years of research into high performance thinking strategies, Robert Denton says the only way to master the future is to learn to use your subconscious brain to do the high performance that your job, company and your clients or work colleagues require today and you do it without the high stress.

High Performance After Burnout explains how your thinking processes work and what happens to your body and the dangerous levels of the stress hormone cortisol when any level of stress rises.
  1. This book tells you what stress is.
  2. What causes stress.
  3. Why stress is so damaging to your life, your career and your happiness.
  4. How to stop the dangerous stress cortisol cycle before it starts.
  5. The way you will inevitably find you have to learn to think with your subconscious brain to perform let alone survive in the coming future.
  6. It explains why high performance strategies in your subconscious brain are your passport to high performance without stress in the future.
High Performance After Burnout   E-book $26.95

Author, High Performance trainer and coach, Robert Denton describes serious burnout and how during twenty years of research and testing, he discovered the power of accessing the subconscious mind efficiently and quickly with ‘High Performance After Burnout.’

Stress overwhelm and burnout have already reached staggering proportions, mainly at the level of management. Those who become the victims of high stress are the unseen army of capable, intelligent people in responsible positions.

He says; “Be clear; overwhelming stress and burnout wrecks lives and careers.”

Current solutions barely touch the symptoms, the cause or the aftermath. Few sufferers of burnout properly work their way out of this fast growing problem, one that industry does not know what to do about.

This book, High Performance After Burnout, explains solutions developed by Denton who managed his own companies until burnout stopped him in 1989. Because there was little knowledgeable help at that time, he took his condition more seriously, realising his healing was in his own hands.

‘High Performance After Burnout’ (published by First House Press), tells how he found yoga, meditation, relaxation, sport and exercise as only temporally helpful. Denton says the real solution is to take the pressure off the already overloaded conscious brain. He says we can do this by getting the infinitely more powerful subconscious brain to do the heavy lifting and take the strain of powerful performance thinking.

“High Performance After Burnout” By Robert P. Denton Softcover | 6.0 x 9.0 in | 308 pages | ISBN 9781512294705 | is available at and your local book shop.

About the Author As a young entrepreneur, Robert Denton was motivated to create his own group of companies. Twenty-five years of hard work and the stresses of success developed to the point of life- and career-changing burnout for Denton. He felt he had no option but to let go. Despite facing a wall of overwhelming resistance, he had to start his life over but how?

The answer came through his interest in the body’s innate healing system and how the brain and mind works. Then followed years of study at his home in the UK and continued after moving to Geneva, Switzerland. His original quest was to understand burnout and how it happens.

At first progress was slow. Not only did he achieve his principal objective he also  began to open the doors of understanding the power of the brain and subconscious thinking that happens when working with the way the brain likes working best.

In this book High PerformanceAfter Burnout, he describes how the only future for those who want to acheve the highest levers of performance whatever their career, the only way is to work with their subconscious mind. Failing to do this is certain to walk into the arms of burnout and ruin a career and posible also family and social environment.


Befo re burnout Robert Denton was chairman and CEO of the Denton Group of companies. He started his career as an arboriculturist, became a legal expert and consultant during his career as an entrepreneur.

Working his way out of burnout, during the healing process Denton was first focused on taking back the reins of his companies. It was then he encountered the "Want to but cannot" syndrome. This is a mind state that most CEO and managers going through burnout encounter.

The desire is there to restart where they left off but they run into a mammoth wall of neurological resistance.

The "Want to but cannot" syndrome is a brain process that prevents a burnout victim from doing again what they did so well to get themselves into burnout.

Denton named this intelligence the 7th sense protection intelligence. See descriptions of brain resouces at the top of the home page.



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